Donate to help an animal you love...

I love this picture of our Lily and our recently deceased Ariel.

I love the joy in the photo and the vitality. We have all seen our animals live in such joy. It's more than heart-breaking when we lose them, even though -- in some very beautiful ways --  we never lose them. 

When my first dog Star Gazer, my shamanic partner for 13 years, became very ill, many people helped. And when Ariel passed, we were shown great kindness. 

I donated three years of my life to serving tortured Moon Bears who were rescued by Animals Asia. I have worked for animals other than humans for 15 years. Dogs, cats, horses, rats, chickens, geese, snakes -- you name it. 

My work is to reduce suffering for all. And I do understand that, sometimes, our animals need shamanic help, but we just can't hire someone. Shamanism is my full time work, and so my own family of animals (human and dogs) rely on me and my income.

I do a lot of work to serve, and do much of it pro bono or by donation. Sometimes people do want to offer something, but they cannot afford my rate. This is the place to offer what you can. When you offer something, it's a way of honoring the work of the spirits, and all of my time.

Your donation may enable me to help not only your dog, cat or horse, it will help me help other animals in need. We are one tribe only. And we all need to always think about paying it forward.

Thank you for your generosity. No amount is too small. May you and all your animals do the dance of life and death in deep and rich love. 

Thanks for helping me to help animals....